Hello world!


I am so excited to be writing this post because that means I am blogging again!


I started blogging the summer before I started college, with HUGE dreams and a ton of passion. I blogged here: littlebitsoflacey.blogspot.com. It’s not the prettiest, I’m well aware. I was 17.

Then college hit me. You can see a few of my (kinda) good ideas from the past, and the creative spark inside me all got pushed aside as I slaved away at getting my degree. Well y’all, I DID IT.

So much happened in the four years between high school graduation and now, too much to even put into words. When I run into people from high school or family friends, I feel like I’m always saying, “Life’s been nuts, or like life is just so crazy” because I can’t even put it into words.

I feel like I have good ideas and would love some company on this journey through adulthood and

Long story short, I am here, and God help me this time let me succeed!